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"Thanks Rexy"





Chorus: Listen to the jingle, The rumble and the roar, As she glides along the woodlands, Through hills and by the shore Hear the mighty rush of the engine, Hear those lonesome hoboes squawl, While traveling through the jungle On the Wabash Cannonball. =================================================

Our eastern states are dandy, So the people always say, From New York to St. Louis And Chicago by the way, From the hills of Minnesota Where the rippling waters fall, No changes can be taken On the Wabash Cannonball. (chorus) =================================================

From the great Atlantic Ocean To the wide Pacific shore, From sunny California To ice-bound Labrador, She's mighty tall and handsome, She's known quite well by all, She's the 'boes' accomodation On the Wabash Cannonball. (chorus) =================================================

From the great Atlantic ocean To the wide Pacific shore From the green ol' Smoky mountains To the south lands by the shore She's mighty tall and handsome And she's known quite well by all She's the regular combination On the Wabash Cannonball. (chorus)

{ I grew up listening to the late, great Roy Acuff sing this song, he made the steam whistle sound himself. Loved his yo yo tricks also.} ;-) =================================================


Many people think of the Wabash Cannonball when they hear that we are from Wabash, Indiana. Really the Wabash Cannonball song was popular before the train was here. The Wabash Cannonball ran for years along the Wabash River from St. Louis to Detroit. It was a steam engine that carried people, supplies, and food. The last run of it was in March 1971.(note: I don't know who said this, or if this is true or not. My friend sent it to me.JJ) =================================================


I tested the Air Brake Equipment On This Famous Beauty In 1990,in the Air Brake Shops, Southern Pacific Railroad's Taylor Yard Repair Facility, Los Angeles."She's Still Makes Special Runs" Out of Sacramento California. :-) =================================================


Since I started in 1962 with the Southern Pacific, I have made many repairs to this Diesel locomotive and many others from Alcos. Baldwins, GEs, and our main force of locomotive power, EMDs.The engines, just kept getting bigger, and produced more and more horsepower. I often wonder how they manage to run these locomotives without me to repair them...hahaha..


I Want To Thank Maralyn, For Sending Me These Two SP Locomotives. Please,Visit Her Wonderful Fanatasy Site,Lots Of Wonderful Things To See, And Please Take Time To Sign Her Guest Book. Thanks. :-) =================================================

1218 =================================================

1218 On Trestle =================================================

Thanks To My Friend Elaine For Sending These Two Trains =================================================

Thank you Missy For the Great Train Graphics.Please Visit Missy's Graphics Site, Lots Of Wonderful Graphic Creations To See. While You're There Please Take A Minute And Sign Her Guest Book.Thanks A Lot. ;-) =================================================

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