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Moony And Mary Ann

Our sweet and gentle Moony, is our "Railroad" doggy. She is 12-1/2 years old now, born about September 10th, 1986. A guy (jerk) that worked at the railroad was going to leave her there in the railroad yards, which is right next to the L.A. river, where lots of feral dogs and cats abound, it's a great "dumping" spot for "unwanted" pets. When I heard what he was going to do, I said no,she can't survive out there. Give her to me I will find her a good home, she was just a scraggly little pup.

Well, she fit right in with our other 3 dogs, Zack, Moppy and Joey,(our camping & traveling gang,who are all gone now.) she was and is just a meek easy going pooch.I don't need to tell you that we couldn't find a home for her, and we had her spayed. She does lack somewhat in the personality area, but has never ever been a problem, she loves to sleep in our king sized bed.So we became a 4 dog family..but these were not big dogs, thank God.:-)

Our Old Moony Girl Passed Away June 3,1999. Just A Little Short Of Her 13th Year. She Is With Our Other Babies In Doggie Heaven, And We Believe We Will Meet Her Again, One Day. We Love You Moony...


Our Molly girl, born April 11th,1988.L.A.She will be 11 years old soon. Molly is our cutest little one now, she was a celebrity dog, had her picture in the L.A. times, for adoption by the city shelter.Our late aunt, Martha saw the picture and thought she would like this cute litte girl. Her Daisey dog had died recently,and she felt she needed another little dog to help fill the void.At the shelter, there was a woman who had Molly and was going to return her after only having her in her home a few hours, she said this dog and my other dog don't get along, so I can't keep her.Aunt Martha took Molly, but after a few weeks, decided she didn't want Molly, she was too frisky for the old gal.She was going to take her back to the shelter. We said NO! So now we were back up to 4 dogs, as our favorite little girl Moppy had died of heart failure on December 26, 1987. Molly was and still is, a frisky little girl, and she quickly adopted Moony as her mother, she was happy, but poor Moony didn't want to be a mommy. Molly is a character,vocal, and full of energy, loves to play and romp around,and barks a lot, but she has made our doggie family come alive, and she's really a sweet girl. We are so lucky to have this little spoiled brat. :-)


Scruffy girl has been with us for about 12 years,we think she was about 4 years old when we adopted her from our old aunt Martha, Scruffy & Molly were at one time aunt Martha's pets. Scruffy was about 2 years old when we found her at our vet's clinic, he had been boarding her until Scruff's owner,(who was an elderly lady) got out of the hospital, well, she had to go into a nursing home so her family wanted our vet to find her a home. Aunt Martha thought this might be a better doggie for her, as Scruffy was older and had been around an old lady. Aunt Martha kept Scruffy for about 2 years, until she herself do to illness had to go into a retirement home. So we took Scruffy September 28th,1990, as we had lost our beloved and sweet Zack on August 3rd, 1990, and only had our little Joey and Molly left.Our Scruff aka "Red Dog" has been a fun doggie, she love cats, and she and our little Mongo cat are best buddies, everyday they get down and put on a show for us, she is another very easy going and sweet doggy, and we lost our little Joey November 3, 1992, we had him since he was just weaned, and he was almost 11 years old when we had to end his suffering, he was my buddy, always with me either in bed or on my chair with me, and I was with him until the end, and it just broke my heart, and I still weep when I remember how close we were. But thank God we have these three little dogs, they are a comfort and make us smile, and our hearts are full of love for our three doggies and our seven little kitties. We have a full house but also our hearts are filled with love and for the pleasure of having these guys in our life, they are all our babys..thank you for listening to my ramblings about our kids..:-)

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