This is our friend DeDe's"BOO BOO"

Twenty years ago this marvelous cat came into my life. I will be 70 in May, 1999, Boo and I grew old together. She was a stray my daughter brought home one day and although my husband said we could not keep her we had her for 20 years. She died right before Thanksgiving, 1998 which will always be a time of mourning for us. I wish she was still here with me, making "biscuits" on my lap and purring her approval of her world. I miss her....These are my two most favorite pics of Boo...but I have many others..Here is a little info about Boo. She was such a unique cat...even sat up and begged like dogs do...I miss her....


A cat named BooBoo who I'd never met, came to know on the internet. Upon her face, a knowing look, was all it took. I knew she had the secrets of life, hidden deep in her eyes of turmoil and strife. The love she gave to all who beheld her, She could make you smile, standing on her hind feet, and melt your heart, so she could get a treat. Boo was 20 years old, and that's a long time, to have sat by your side, purring almost in rhyme, It's never enough time. mm

This Is A Wonderful Poem About A Wonderful Elephant. Kids Of All Ages Will Love This Sweet Creation By Our Friend DeDe.Thank You Dear Friend For Allowing Me to Link To Your Great Work.

Our Friend Bonnie's Wiggins

Wiggins had a long and sometimes hard life. He was a feral cat who was caught and dumped at a home where no one wanted him. He spent most of his young years visiting us. He would stand or sleep in front of our sliding glass door, watching our cats living "the good life." One day he showed up with a terrible abscess. That's when I went to the neighbors & told them I was taking him in. They didn't want him & were glad to be rid of him. For the next eleven years he was a happy, contented cat who settled in and never caused any trouble. He always came when he was called. We will always remember this sweet and gentle child.

We grew to know and love Bonnie and "Wiggie", and DeDe and "Boo", and we feel so grateful to our dear friends for giving us the warm pleasure and honor to show beautiful Boo Boo and Wiggins on our page, thanks so very much, we loved them too.

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