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More Kittys


September 12,1992, we captured this baby feral kitty and had her spayed and got all her first shots.She had been coming to our front porch every day, for about 2 weeks, with a big old grey tabby cat. We thought that she was her mother. We would feed them dry food. One day Mary Ann got close enough to take a good look and then she screamed. "This is no momma cat, this is a Tom Cat"! So that's when we trapped her and got her to the vet. She was such a cute little kitty, and we then figured that she would just take off, as she was a little on the wild side, or we could find her a good home. Nope, she stayed and we got hooked, and that big old "No Momma" cat stopped coming around. She now waits for me to get in my recliner, so she can get up between my legs and get lots of pets, and noogies on her head. She is very vocal and spoiled rotten.She is our second biggest at about 12 pounds.She loves turkey cold cuts and sitting on our porch rail, and sleeping. An easy care kitty.


October 31, 1993. Our Halloween Kitty,we didn't know this little bundle of joy, came into our house until the next day, I had fed the other kids, and left to go to work, Mary Ann called me at work and told me that the dogs were acting strange up by her nightstand, and when she looked down there was this cute, tiny, little furry black face looking up at her, and he can't meow, just opens his mouth as wide as he can and lets out a baby squeek, just a darling good natured little boy, so we found out from our nextdoor neighbor, that some big kids had dropped a small black kitty over the fence into our yard, so we figure he found the cat flap I made in our front security door, and just walked in. We had him neutered and checked out by our vet, and he is really our favorite of all seven, he is so smart, and jumps up in our laps when we we call him. We are so lucky to have such a loving little boy like him.


April 14,1997, Bootie boy got neutered, he is our biggest kid, about 15 pounds, he had been abandoned by some people who moved away and left him behind, but he knew about our front porch where we keep fresh water and some dry cat food for the neighborhood cats. He just hung around and then, when the rains came and cold winter weather, we tried to coax him to come in the house, but he was afraid of the dogs, and the other kids, finally he did come in, and now tonight as I am writing this, he and Tango are up in my chair with me, and there's a lot of purring going on. Bootie uses his "Left" paw to help me dish him some food every day, so I figure, that he is an original "South Paw" and that's where the name originated from, a "left pawed cat". He is another very friendly and vocal kitty, who loves to eat and play, and makes us feel so very grateful every day to look into his pretty face, he is a bit of a clutz cat, has fallen off our kitchen nook table and into the water bowl twice now in three weeks. Now you have met all seven of our furry kids, and I will endeavor to get some better V-Caps, in the future, trouble I have with our twins, is they normally get on our dark green couch, and sleep like bookends, but the pics don't come out so good, I am waiting to get them together in a better viewable position.


Here's our tiny Alley Cat, still on the same chair, but you can see she is not a big kitty, but she is very quick to attack anything that gets in her way, a dog or a big cat or humans, actually she loves to sleep with the humans.

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