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Meet Our Family

ALLEY CAT: This is our fiesty little 5 pound girl,she walks like she could be related to an elephant, but she can go like lightening.Yes, she has an "attitude" none of our other kids will mess with her, Alley Cat was born in September of 1989, she was the smallest of the four kids we rescued from under that vacant house.She is the smallest of all our kids. We could tell even after a several weeks, that she was the toughesr one of this litter. She has always ignored me until just about a year ago, and now she waits for me to go take my afternoon nap, and she gets up on my belly and wants her pets, and then we both take our naps, she repeats this routine about 11:30 every night, she's on the bed keeping my spot warm. She barely tolerates her two brothers, and the rest of the crew. Likes to be off by herself.

FRAIDY CAT: As his name suggests, he is afraid or his shadow,likes to be left alone,but loves to be talked to and he talks back with his meowows and meeeowows, then when he decides he's had enough pets and rubs, he will keep his claws in, but give us a good strong swat on our hands. He is Alley Cats brother, and they just tolerate each other and all the other kids as well. He and his twin brother are very hard to identify. We keep different color cat collars on them to tell those two apart.The collars are elastic and come off pretty easily. He is an easy going, gentle, and sweet kitty and just likes to be left alone.

BIG BOY: We thought he would be the biggest kitty, and when we named all 4 of our first new kids, we had no idea that we were going to become so attached to their captivating ways.Big Boy is the only one of our cats who would go about a block away, and stay at another house, and the lady there would feed him and he had water and a safe fenced in yard, and we would take turns going up there to bring him home at supper time. if he didn't come to eat. He seemed to like it there, we think, because it was quieter, and less crowded for him. However, he does like to bump heads with our two biggest dogs, so we just try to keep a good eye on him, he does seem very happy. Lately he is staying home more, maybe he is getting mellow, now that he will be 10 yrs old this September.He is a sweet, gentle boy, and like his brother and sister, just would like to be alone.When these three were still very young, they slept together and all ate off of one plate, no more, each one has their own plate, and everyone is happy except the dish washer, and you know who that is. ;-)

MAGGIE PIE:June 13,1990, a little girl came to our house cuddleing the cutest little Calico kitty I ever saw, the baby was about 2 months old. She was so sad, said her mommy wouldn't let her keep the kitty, so she knew we loved cats, and asked us to please take her and love her. I had to hold back the tears, and told her she could come and visit her kitty anytime she wanted to. Maggie is an odd kitty, beautiful, but odd, in that she sometimes wants to be petted endlessly and other times, she completely ignores us.She loves to sleep on our bedroom tv set, and when we had to buy a new tv for the bedroom, we had to make sure the top measurements were the same or larger, just to please our baby.She love to lick our hands after we use anything like Ben-Gay,(we do get aches at our age) I guess it's the menthol in that stuff. She loves the patio and never leaves the yard. She used to play with our dogs, but now she just loves to sleep.She is a joy and a sight to behold.

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