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I Just Had To Put This Very Special Award On Top Of Our First Kitty Page. Thank You Rustyjo And Chuck For Allowing Tiger And Baby, And Rascal and Smokey, and Bandit and Coda, and Lil Bear and Cheyenne To Gif Us The Honor Of Displaying This Wonderful Award On Our Kids Pages. Please Click On The Award And Meet All These Wonderful Kitties. Tiger And Baby Worked Their Paws Off On This "Perrfect Pets~Marvelous Meows" Site. Rascal The Lowdest Is The Spokeskitty. Please Sign Their Guest Book And Say Meow To Them. Thanks A Lot.

Our tail; September 9th, 1989 we were a "catless" family, we had three dogs, and felt our lives were complete, "The All American Family". Little did we know that we were in for a sudden and wonderful change. Three little 8 & 9 year old neighborhood boys, (they know everything that goes on in the "hood") they called us and said there were some baby kitties locked under a vacant house and that three days before, the mother cat had been hit by a car and killed, and said they felt sad for the kittys, but their parents wouldn't allow them to bring them home, and would we please help save the babies?

Purrmission Granted By Maureen

Thank You

We agreed and got a cardboard box and a flashlight, and followed the boys, there were 4 tiny, starved, scared, and dirty little kitties, and the boys got the screen off the wall opening and got in under the house and handed them terrified little things out to us, we searched for more babies, but none found, and the boys said they had only seen the four in the last three days.

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We got them home, and locked them in our den (safe from the dogs) and Mary Ann frantically called her mom and sis, to get instructions on what to do, meanwhile I cut down a cardboard box to about 2 inches high and filled it with purified sand that I happened to have on hand, I laid newspapers down, a dish of water, and then we quickly made a run and got some baby formula food for them. We had to use an eye dropper at first until they got the idea that it was good food.We got a cloth and moistened it in warm water and wiped them down. Amazingly, when they got through with their formula, they jumped into the sandbox and did their business.Smart guys eh?

We spent most of our time just sitting on the floor watching these little angels check out their new home, so much fun to hold them and wipe them with a moist warm towel, we heard that this is like the mommy cat licking them, and the seemed to enjoy the attention, as did we. We did discuss the prospect of finding them good homes, but after 3 days of pampering these guys, forget it!! We were now OWNED by 4 little furry creatures. Our "All American Family" had suddenly grown, and we were happy.

We took them to our very good vet and he checked them out and gave them some kinds of shots and recommended a proper diet for them and told us when to bring them in for spaying & neutering, so we were on our way to becoming proud kitty parents. We found a childs gate that blocks off a doorway at a yardsale and put it up, and the kitties and dogs got to know each other with no danger to the kittys, then we started taking one dog at a time into the den and stayed there and gradually all three dogs and all four kitties were comfortable with one another.

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I made a small cat condo lined with left over carpet, it was only 3 feet tall, with 3 shelves and about 10 inches wide, all four kids would climb all over it and play tag and would sit on the top shelf and and watch tv, oh, they just looked so cute, I made toys with a string and cellophane and they loved that running chasing that thing all around the room.Soon they wanted to see the rest of their house, so we would lift the gate up a few inches off the floor, and they would crawl out under the gate, see a dog and run back under the gate into their den, soon they got more brave and made it into the dining room and then the rest of the house, and it was a joy to watch how each day they got bolder and bolder.

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Our biggest worry came when we knew they would discover the doggie door,(what to do?) so we decided that even though our fenced in yard was 6 feet high, that they would climb up it soon, so we attached chicken wire all around the patio fence and bent in inward so they couldn't get around it, also put up a chicken wire barrier in our tree,so they couldn't get up too far or worse get on the roof of the house.

This was our introduction into the wonderful but sometimes worrysome world of being owned by kitties. In time they did manage to get out of our patio and into the front yard and then out on the street. We worried and fretted, but as we watched them, the seemed to know to stay off the road and when anything came up they didn't like they were back in the safety of their yard, we lost one girl kitty (Happy Noodles) when she was almost 2 years old, we don't know if she just had a heart attack or if she was hit by a car, she didn't have a mark on her body.She was the one that just didn't act quite right, but we did love her. She is still in our hearts.

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