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Thanks To All The Kind People Who Have Given Me The Honor To Display Their Great Awards, I Will Try To Keep Working To Improve My Site, Because Of Their Kindness And Hope That You Will Visit Their Great Sites Also.Thank You All. You Know You Can Just Click On Each And Every Wonderful Award Below, And Visit All Of My Friends Great Sites. Please Do And Sign Their Guest Books While Visiting. Thanks A Lot. JJ :-)


Thanks To My Dear Friend For This Wonderful Award, My First. It Is So Special To Me, And So Is She. *************************************************

I Am Deeply Honoured To Have Recieved This Wonderful Award From Rustyjo and Chuck.Thank You Both For Allowing Me To Display This Great Award And Picture On My Site. Please Click On The Award And Visit Their Marvelous Site Called "Life In The Slow Lane".I Particularly Love The "Shawnee And Cherokee Page", And Chillicothe, Ohio, Such A beautiful Town, Takes Me Back To My Younger Years, My Home Town Was A Lot Like Chillicothe. You Will Enjoy Your Visit With Rustyjo and Chuck.. So Much To See and Well Worth The Time You Spend There. Briefly; They Have Pages And Tributes To Police, Cats, Family, Indians, Military, Music, Poems And Humor. Please Do Go And Pay Them A Visit, And Sign Their Guest Book, And Let Them Know How Much You Enjoyed Your Visit. Thanks Very Much. :-) *************************************************

Thanks To My New Found Friend And NASCAR Teacher, Granny J, For Her Wonderful Award,She Has Made Me Feel Good About My Site.


My Thanks to My Friend Lady Delia, For Giving Me Her Wonderful Award. I couldn't Believe She Would Do Such A Thing. :-)


My Thanks To My Favorite Friend Who Happens To Be My One And Only Wife, For Giving Me Her Wonderful Mouse Award, She Made It Herself. She Is Smarter Than I.(I Have To Say That,Or I Will Be Eating Big Macs & Whoppers,As I Can't Cook.) Thanks Honey, I Love Ya!!!


Caseyblue, Thanks Kay For Your Wonderful Award. Caseyblue Is A Wonderful Family Oriented Site, Lots Of Family Photos, Pics of Persian Kitties, And Wonderful Poetry. Kay Has Really Nice Gifs,Backgrounds, Midis, And Holiday Gifs. Well Worth Your Visit, And Please Take A Minute And Sign Caseyblue's Guestbook. Thanks. :-)


Thank You George For Giving Me Your Wonderful Shark Award.You Have A Wonderful Site Which Will Excite All Fishermen/women. I Am Honored.


Thank You Don, From Beautiful Barrie, Ontario Canada, For this Wonderful Award.I Am Honored.


Thanks To My Friend Lloyd For His Wonderful Award.


Joschi's Guestbook Award

Thanks Joschi Dog For This Wonderful Award.


Thanks To Katiekat and Starman, Katie and Roy For This Wonderful Award. Click On This Award To Visit Their Great Family Oriented Site. Thanks.  

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If You Have A Family Friendly Site, And Would Like to Have My Great Site Award. Please Email Me, and Give Me YOUR Site URL. I Will Visit Your Site, And Be Happy To Send You My Award, If Your Site Is Truly Family Friendly. Thanks. I Have 2 Awards, One Large and One Smaller. You Can Have Your Pick. Thanks, JJ :-)

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