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Hi, and welcome to my first attempt at a Home Page, My name is Jim Lalonde, I was born in STRATFORD,ONTARIO,CANADA.In 1932..A small town,in a farming community,of about 18,000 citizens,at that time.The main industry was the CANADIAN NATIONAL RAILWAYS LARGE REPAIR SHOP. I started my 5 year apprenticeship in 1950 and at that time,we had STEAM LOCOMOTIVES only. In my 4th year of my apprenticeship, I had to go to an out of town ROUNDHOUSE for a 1 year period,as part of the program,and in order to get training on LIVE Locomotive running repairs. I elected to go to LONDON, ONTARIO, and after completion of my 1 year term, was asked to stay, so I did stay until 1959 when the Diesel LOCOMOTIVES were coming in and taking over, and I was laid off,and worked a few odd jobs, from department stores and as a sub contractor for a plumbing outfit,I installed hot water heating systems,then to machine shops and soon became disallusioned..:-(

In 1962 I came down to LOS ANGELES,CALIFORNIA and started working on all types of Diesel Locomotives,running repairs, at the SOUTHERN PACIFIC RAILWAY,and stayed there until I retired in 1994, so I have a total of 40 years of Railway experience and it was a good line of work for me.

My wife Mary Ann and I have been happily married now for over 20 years.We discovered and bought our first webtv unit Feb.14,1998, and have just had a ball, we have met many new friends through newsgroups,and are still meeting new friends every day,and we have a happy and loving life,the "Golden Years", ain't too bad.:-)

We belong to a hiking group,and go on local mountain trails, we only do up to 10 miles,as we are all seniors,and get pooped easily..;-) We have 3 dogs and 7 cats, and we also take bus rides with a seniors group to Las Vegas, and Laughlin Nev.I Hope this has not been too boring to you.As the sign says when leaving (my Mum's hometown,) Kincardine, Ontario,"Will Ye No Come Back Again", thanks for dropping in. Please sign my guestbook, so I'll know you were here, before you go home ;-)


My Thanks To Jean-Marc Ladoucer, aka Pvt Church.For Allowing Me To Link To His Two Pages Of Interesting and Educational Information Regarding The Civil War

Canadians In The American Civil War


2nd Michigan Volunteer Infantry


This Is My Wife's Home Page Link, Mary Ann Writes Nice Poetry About People,Places, And Things. Please Take Some Time To Visit Here Nice Site,And Please Sign Her Guest Book And Let Her Know You Were There. Thanks. :-)


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I Am So Proud of This Wonderful Award. My First Award, From My Very Special And Dear Friend.

*** Our Dear Friend Lady Oh Passed Away June 9th, 2000. She Is Dearly Missed. Rest In Peace My Friend. I Miss You So Much. May This Candle Remind Us Of You And Your Love Of People.May God Bless You.

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